I am going to be honest with you folks, I am quiet happy with the ending. I know many are very unhappy, but here is my reasoning, Bill was absolutely correct in saying Sookie could not move on without Bill out of the picture. Look at Alcide and Sookie, she loved the shit out of him, but there was always Bill looming in the background. When Sookie gave the speech about how she couldn’t kill Bill with her powers because they were a part of her, it was so fantastic. Bill was a light part of Sookie but he was also a really dark part. She needed to be the one to kill him, not for only her sake but also his. Her killing him was the physical death of the dark part of her life. She kept the literal and figurative life, which is stupendous. I liked the end, the remaining characters enjoying dinner. Jason settled down, Hoyte and Jessica are back, Sookie is married and pregnant, Pam and Eric are on top like they should be, and all ends were nicely tied up. If you disagree, tell me why! I love to look at endings of shows and see what others thought, so share and tell me!